Amy Sky and Olivia Newton-John Projects

2007 Amy Sky/Olivia NewtonJohn Discography

1987 The Rumour

Amy Sky co-wrote

"Let's talk about tomorrow"

"Winter Angel"

2005 Stronger than Before 

Amy Sky Producer

Songwritings credits

"Phenomenal Woman"

( Amy Sky- Maya Angelou-David Pickell)

with specials guests, Dihann Carroll ,Patti Labelle, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Mindy Smith,Amy Holland,Amy Sky

"Under the Skin"

 (Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)


( Amy Sky-Stephan Moccio)

2006 Grace and Gratitude

with special guest Marc Jordan

Amy Sky Producer

Songwriting Credits

1."Shekhinah (interlude)"Amy Sky2:59 

2."Pearls on a Chain"(Newton-John, Sky )3:53 

3."Yesod (interlude)"( Marc Jordan, Sky )1:49 

4."To Be Wanted" (Sky)4:14 

5."Hod (interlude)" (Greg Johnston) 1:38 

6."Learn to Love Yourself" (Newton-John, Sky) 4:21 

7."Nezah (interlude)" (Johnston)1:07 

8."Grace and Gratitude" (Newton-John, Sky) 3:23 

9."Tiferet (interlude)"( Steven MacKinnon) 1:28 

10."Love is Letting Go of Fear" (Newton-John, Sky, MacKinnon) 4:11 

11."Hesed-Gevurah (interlude)" (Johnston) 1:28 

12."Gaté Gaté" (Johnston, Sky ) 4:04 

13."Tala' al Badru 'Alayna (interlude)"Traditional 1:15 

14."Let Go Let God" (Newton-John, Sky, Kim Bullard )5:05 

15."Binah (interlude)" (Johnston) 0:45 

16."I Will Lift Up My Eyes" (Sky) 5:08 

17."Hochmah (interlude)" (Sky,)  Traditional 2:12 

18."The Power of Now" (Newton-John) , Sky4:44 

19."Keter (interlude)" (Stephan Moccio) 2:36 

20."Instrument of Peace" with Marc Jordan

( Amy Sky- Marc Jordan - Stephan Moccio)


2007 Christmas Wish

with special guests Michael Mcdonald, Barry Manilow, David Foster, Jon Secada, Jim Brickman, Amy Sky

Amy Sky Produced


"Every Time it Snows" - with John Secada and David Foster

(Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)

"Instrument of Peace" with Marc Jordan

( Amy Sky- Marc Jordan - Stephan Moccio)

"Little Town of Bethlehem" 

( Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John - Stephan Moccio)

"Christmas on my Radio" (Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)

2007 Sordid Lives

 Amy Sky co-wrote and produced, appeared onscreen in band

"None of your business" (Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)

"You look like a dick to me" (Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)

"Slow Burn" (Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)

"Jack Daniels" (Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)

"So Bad" (Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)


2008 A Celebration in Song

Amy Sky Producer

Songwriter credits:

"Right here with you"(With Delta Goodrem)

(Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John-Delta Goodrem)

"Find a little Faith" (with Cliff Richard)

(Amy Sky)

Everything Love is ( with Jimmy Barnes)
(Amy Sky- Eddie Schwartz)

Angel in the Wings ( Jann Arden)

(Amy Sky)

The Water is Wide ( with Ryan Dan)

(Trad. arranged by Amy Sky)


2010 Grace and Gratitude Renewed 

With Special Guests Amy Sky,Mark Masri, David Darling

Amy Sky co-wrote and produced

2010 Score - A Hockey Musical

featuring Marc Jordan, Noah Reid, Nelly Furtado

Amy Sky co-wrote   "Hugs" and produced Olivia's vocals for her character

"Hugs"  Written by Olivia Newton-John, Amy Sky and Marc Jordan

"Eve's a Goddess" Written by DiFelice, Corrigan, Amy Sky and McGowan

2015 Summer Nights- Live in Las Vegas

"Grace and Gratitude" (Newton-John, Sky)

2016 Liv On

Amy Sky co-wrote and co-produced with Olivia Newton- John  and Beth Nielsen Chapman


All tracks composed by Amy Sky, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Olivia Newton-John; except where indicated. 

"My Heart Goes Out to You" – 2:45 

Lead vocals by Amy Sky, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Olivia Newton-John 

"Live On" – 4:11 

Lead vocals by Olivia Newton-John 

"Stone in My Pocket" – 3:22 

Lead vocals by Amy Sky, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Olivia Newton-John 

"Sand and Water" (Beth Nielsen Chapman) – 4:28 

Lead vocals by Beth Nielsen Chapman 

"Forever Blue" (Amy Sky) – 4:48 

Lead vocals by Amy Sky 

"Immortality" (Lyrics by Mary Elizabeth Frye; written by Amy Sky, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Olivia Newton-John) – 3:24 

Lead vocals by Amy Sky, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Olivia Newton-John 

"Don't Know What to Say" – 3:27 

Lead vocals by Beth Nielsen Chapman 

"Impossible" (Beth Nielsen Chapman, Laureen Smith) – 3:27 

Lead vocals by Olivia Newton-John 

"I Will Take Care of You" (Amy Sky, David Pickell) – 4:58 

Lead vocals by Amy Sky 

"Grace and Gratitude" (Amy Sky, Olivia Newton-John) – 3:58 

Lead vocals by Olivia Newton-John 

"There's Still My Joy" (Beth Nielsen Chapman, Matt Rollings, Melissa Manchester) – 3:10 

Lead vocals by Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Guest vocals on Amy Sky albums:

1998 Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath of Fresh air

(Amy Sky- Jeff Hull)

2007 Amy Sky Lights of December

A Mother's Christmas Wish

(Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)


Interviews and Press


Toronto Born Amy Sky is an award winning Singer- Songwriter with 12 solo cds to her credit. 

Her 13th cd, was  released by Linus Entertainment  on May 6, 2022 is a Duets Project with her husband, Marc Jordan called "He Sang She Sang".

  Though they have been married 34 years, "He Sang She Sang" is the first duo album from critically acclaimed and commercially successful couple. This is a superbly-curated collection of songs that combines fresh takes on some beloved classics and original compositions. 

All the songs are given vibrant life  via performance in a duets format by two masterful vocalists. Jordan, well-schooled in the jazz vocal tradition, is a virtuoso of phrasing, bringing lyrics to life in subtly understated fashion. Sky possesses a rich and mellow alto voice, one brimming with emotional expressiveness.

 The first two singles, a cover of TomPetty's Free Fallin , and a role reversed cover of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" both received considerable International airplay.

 2016 saw the release of two new cds: “Twilight Rose” a collection of original Hebrew spiritual  world music, and "Liv On", a collaboration with Olivia Newton-John and Beth Nielsen Chapman of songs to support those seeking healing from loss. 

The Liv On Project and CD came to fruition the way many of the best collaborations do…via a series of conversations between friends about what matters most in life: Love, loss, hope and healing. 

In this case, however, the three friends happen to be international star Olivia Newton-John, Canadian singer/songwriter Amy Sky and Nashville-based singer/songwriter, Beth Nielsen Chapman. 

All three had endured profound, life-altering losses and yet each remained committed to one thing: a desire to transform individual grief into healing via music… for all. 

This very special collection of songs will help lift the hearts of others going through their own hardship, whatever the cause. 

From the uplifting “Stone In My Pocket” to the poignant, “My Heart Goes Out To You,” the songs on the "Liv On" CD take the listener on a journey of remembrance, toward one of inspiration and hope. 


Well-known for her use of real life experience in her songwriting, Sky’s music has created a lasting and indelible impact on fans. Hit songs like “I Will Take Care Of You” and “Ordinary Miracles” have lit up radio station switchboards as callers respond to her lyrical exploration of relationships, experiences and life and fans attending Sky’s live shows not only revel in her powerful voice and ‘feel-good’ music, but unite to celebrate everyday life, its losses and victories.  

   A prolific and multi-talented artist, Amy has for written herself and for dozens of other international recording stars such as Anne Murray ,Reba Mcentire, Diana Ross ,Heart and Cliff Richard, Aaron Neville and Roch Voisine.

  Amy also produces albums for herself and others. Amongst her production work are  five projects for Olivia Newton-John, including the critically  lauded "Grace and Gratitude", the award winning "La Voce" for Mark Masri, and several children's albums for Fisher Price.

 She is currently focussing on writing the book, music and lyrics for  a new  musical based on an original story she created. It is called "Beyond- The Musical", along with co-writers Steven McKinnon and Annabel Fitzsimmons.

  Prior to  “Beyond”, her first major Theatrical Writing Credit was co -lyricist and music writer on “Fly High”- a show that was optioned and developed by Broadway Producers Junkyard Dog, famous for producing the blockbuster hit "Come From Away".

   Winner of three SOCAN awards, and an American Songwriting Awards Amy has also been nominated for three Juno Awards (Best New Artist and  twice for Best Songwriter) and East Coast,  West Coast , and Canadian Independent Music  Awards.  

Amy  has  been recognized for her work as a mental health advocate.  

In 2006 she was awarded the CAMH Courage to Come Back award, and in 2009, she was honored with the Mood Disorders Association Hero/Inspiration Award, for her  commitment to helping  remove the stigma from mental health issues.  

 Amy lives in Toronto with her husband, singer – songwriter Marc Jordan. In 2021 they will begin releasing singles from their upcoming, first ever  duets album "He Sang She Sang".

   They have two children, Zoe and Ezra  who are also emerging singer- songwriters in their own right.

In addition to her creative projects, Amy is also an award winning entrepreneur with Arbonne ; a Purpose Driven Health and Wellness Company that focuses on Vegan Nutrition and Skin care in Sustainable Packaging.

In Arbonne, she is a 3 wide Executive National Vice President, an ACE award winner, a 3 time NVP Challenge Trip winner, a member of the Million Dollar Hall of Fame,  a past member of the Global Leadership Council, A Global and Canadian Main Stage Trainer,  and a Top Ten Income Earner in Canada with the largest Successline in Canada.

Amy takes pride in mentoring others to create their own successful e-commerce businesses with Arbonne. 

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