Amy Sky and Olivia Newton-John Projects

2007 Amy Sky/Olivia NewtonJohn Discography

1987 The Rumour

Amy Sky co-wrote

"Let's talk about tomorrow"

"Winter Angel"

2005 Stronger than Before 

Amy Sky Producer

Songwritings credits

"Phenomenal Woman"

( Amy Sky- Maya Angelou-David Pickell)

with specials guests, Dihann Carroll ,Patti Labelle, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Mindy Smith,Amy Holland,Amy Sky

"Under the Skin"

 (Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)


( Amy Sky-Stephan Moccio)

2006 Grace and Gratitude

with special guest Marc Jordan

Amy Sky Producer

Songwriting Credits

1."Shekhinah (interlude)"Amy Sky2:59 

2."Pearls on a Chain"(Newton-John, Sky )3:53 

3."Yesod (interlude)"( Marc Jordan, Sky )1:49 

4."To Be Wanted" (Sky)4:14 

5."Hod (interlude)" (Greg Johnston) 1:38 

6."Learn to Love Yourself" (Newton-John, Sky) 4:21 

7."Nezah (interlude)" (Johnston)1:07 

8."Grace and Gratitude" (Newton-John, Sky) 3:23 

9."Tiferet (interlude)"( Steven MacKinnon) 1:28 

10."Love is Letting Go of Fear" (Newton-John, Sky, MacKinnon) 4:11 

11."Hesed-Gevurah (interlude)" (Johnston) 1:28 

12."Gaté Gaté" (Johnston, Sky ) 4:04 

13."Tala' al Badru 'Alayna (interlude)"Traditional 1:15 

14."Let Go Let God" (Newton-John, Sky, Kim Bullard )5:05 

15."Binah (interlude)" (Johnston) 0:45 

16."I Will Lift Up My Eyes" (Sky) 5:08 

17."Hochmah (interlude)" (Sky,)  Traditional 2:12 

18."The Power of Now" (Newton-John) , Sky4:44 

19."Keter (interlude)" (Stephan Moccio) 2:36 

20."Instrument of Peace" with Marc Jordan

( Amy Sky- Marc Jordan - Stephan Moccio)


2007 Christmas Wish

with special guests Michael Mcdonald, Barry Manilow, David Foster, Jon Secada, Jim Brickman, Amy Sky

Amy Sky Produced


"Every Time it Snows" - with John Secada and David Foster

(Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)

"Instrument of Peace" with Marc Jordan

( Amy Sky- Marc Jordan - Stephan Moccio)

"Little Town of Bethlehem" 

( Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John - Stephan Moccio)

"Christmas on my Radio" (Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)

2007 Sordid Lives

 Amy Sky co-wrote and produced, appeared onscreen in band

"None of your business" (Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)

"You look like a dick to me" (Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)

"Slow Burn" (Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)

"Jack Daniels" (Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)

"So Bad" (Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)


2008 A Celebration in Song

Amy Sky Producer

Songwriter credits:

"Right here with you"(With Delta Goodrem)

(Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John-Delta Goodrem)

"Find a little Faith" (with Cliff Richard)

(Amy Sky)

Everything Love is ( with Jimmy Barnes)
(Amy Sky- Eddie Schwartz)

Angel in the Wings ( Jann Arden)

(Amy Sky)

The Water is Wide ( with Ryan Dan)

(Trad. arranged by Amy Sky)


2010 Grace and Gratitude Renewed 

With Special Guests Amy Sky,Mark Masri, David Darling

Amy Sky co-wrote and produced

2010 Score - A Hockey Musical

featuring Marc Jordan, Noah Reid, Nelly Furtado

Amy Sky co-wrote   "Hugs" and produced Olivia's vocals for her character

"Hugs"  Written by Olivia Newton-John, Amy Sky and Marc Jordan

"Eve's a Goddess" Written by DiFelice, Corrigan, Amy Sky and McGowan

2015 Summer Nights- Live in Las Vegas

"Grace and Gratitude" (Newton-John, Sky)

2016 Liv On

Amy Sky co-wrote and co-produced with Olivia Newton- John  and Beth Nielsen Chapman


All tracks composed by Amy Sky, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Olivia Newton-John; except where indicated. 

"My Heart Goes Out to You" – 2:45 

Lead vocals by Amy Sky, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Olivia Newton-John 

"Live On" – 4:11 

Lead vocals by Olivia Newton-John 

"Stone in My Pocket" – 3:22 

Lead vocals by Amy Sky, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Olivia Newton-John 

"Sand and Water" (Beth Nielsen Chapman) – 4:28 

Lead vocals by Beth Nielsen Chapman 

"Forever Blue" (Amy Sky) – 4:48 

Lead vocals by Amy Sky 

"Immortality" (Lyrics by Mary Elizabeth Frye; written by Amy Sky, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Olivia Newton-John) – 3:24 

Lead vocals by Amy Sky, Beth Nielsen Chapman and Olivia Newton-John 

"Don't Know What to Say" – 3:27 

Lead vocals by Beth Nielsen Chapman 

"Impossible" (Beth Nielsen Chapman, Laureen Smith) – 3:27 

Lead vocals by Olivia Newton-John 

"I Will Take Care of You" (Amy Sky, David Pickell) – 4:58 

Lead vocals by Amy Sky 

"Grace and Gratitude" (Amy Sky, Olivia Newton-John) – 3:58 

Lead vocals by Olivia Newton-John 

"There's Still My Joy" (Beth Nielsen Chapman, Matt Rollings, Melissa Manchester) – 3:10 

Lead vocals by Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Guest vocals on Amy Sky albums:

1998 Breath of Fresh Air

A Breath of Fresh air

(Amy Sky- Jeff Hull)

2007 Amy Sky Lights of December

A Mother's Christmas Wish

(Amy Sky- Olivia Newton-John)


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